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Libre Office

Course Code: C084
Duration: 2 Months
Offline Course Daily: 2 Hrs.
Online Course Daily: 1 Hrs.
Eligibility: Fresher

Course Description:
The Office Automation course is designed to teach students the essential skills necessary to automate and streamline office tasks, including email management, document creation and management, data analysis, and presentation design. The course covers a range of software tools, including Libre Open Office Suite, Google Suite, and other productivity software. Students will learn how to increase efficiency, productivity, and accuracy in an office setting.

Course Contents:
Word Processor:
Introduction of Toolbar, Creating, Saving, Opening, Closing of documents, Formatting Paragraphs & Pages, Bullets & Listing, Working with Tables & Graphics, Macro, Printing Documents

Spread-Sheet :
SpreadSheet, Exploring Toolbar, Formula bar, Editing, Deleting, Working with Formulas, Sorting, Conditional Formatting, Auto Sum & Wrapping, Working with Charts & Functions, Page Layout & Printing Excel sheets

Graphics & Presentation:
Introduction to Slide Show, Create Presentation with Templates, Inserting Images, Sound, Videos on Slide, Presentation Layouts, Transition, Animation Effects, Working with different Views&Slide Notes

Internet Application
Introduction to Browsers, Net Surfing, Creating & Working with Email Ids, Downloading & Uploading Contents

Google Online Applications
Introduction to Google Docs, Google Sheets & Google Slides

Course Outcome:
Upon completion of a Libre Open Office course, students will have gained proficiency in using Libre Office software, including Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Presentation and Google Docs, Sheet & Slides. Students will be able to create professional-looking documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and manage email communications efficiently. They will also have learned to automate tasks, collaborate with others, and analyze data using various features and tools available in the software.

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