Communication Skills – A Story

This is a first part of series of articles on Communication Skills Training. SkillHike is a Mumbai based training company that provides hard hitting Communication Skills improvement training sessions.

Communication Skills Training

A Story – Importance of  Communication Skills

I had been the in charge of the HR department at a mid-sized retail firm. One of the toughest challenges that we faced was finding front line staff with good communication. Even our recruitment consultant agencies were also under pressure.

It so happened that a recruitment firm from Mumbai and Pune region sent a candidate for interview. She was declined by the HR manager and the reason cited was poor communication. I got a call from the agency asking me for clarification. Because they believed that the candidate had good communication skills while my HR team did not think so. It was a tie.

I arranged for a second round of interview with that candidate and called the agency manager to be present with me to truly assess the situation. At the end of the interview, it was decided by the agency that she indeed did not have good communication skills. here are some points that changed the agency’s mind. Communication Skills training

1. A good communication doesn’t necessarily mean good control on language skills. It is more important that the person opposite actually understands whatever that is being conveyed.

2. Good communication skill is directly proportional to confidence.

3. Illogical, incoherent answers and deviation from topic would mean that the listener feels dissatisfied.

4. Speaking before the opposite person has completed his/her sentence is almost rude and shows poor sense of respect for speaker.

Thus, the 4 points above can be seen as few pointers towards achieving good communications Skills.

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Communication Skills Training


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